Sun Soaked Island Time

Last week I made a fun list of ten things I did to stay inspired during Wisconsin’s Polar Vortex. This week, I am highlighting item #6 on my list which involves an Island getaway, with piles of sunshine and a super unique place to stay.

One of my artist friends last week told me that “snow days were the best days” because it meant she could stay inside all day and create. I can appreciate the gift of spending undivided time with my art, accompanied by a pot of hot coffee, a blank canvas and plenty of hues.

I also can appreciate the art of hopping on a plane and landing on a Bahamian Island, known for its crystal clear waters and velvety white sand beaches.

Open Air Places Aerial View of Grand Bahama Island.jpg

GETTING HERE traveling to Grand Bahama Island during the winter months is so easy. Just catch a flight from Minneapolis to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and then hop on a 30 minute flight over to Freeport (FPO), Grand Bahama Island. I can give you my itinerary if you send me an email!

UPON ARRIVAL immediately don a bikini and grab something cold to drink (like I did in this photo). Ask a neighbor to snap your photo so you can send a photo back home to someone in need of some Vitamin D.

Open Air Places Don A Bikini Immediately.jpg

I have options for UNIQUE PLACES TO STAY when I come to Grand Bahama. One of my favorite spots is Yacht SLAINTE which is moored at the most popular Yacht Club in Freeport. It’s spacious and roomy, and just steps away from a hot tub and pool, and the Ocean’s Blue Restaurant (in case you need a quick snack) Waking up here is so amazing, with water smooth as glass, and views so full, you’ll feel like singing. I made this photo at dawn, while I sipped a hot mug of coffee.

Open Air Places Morning View on Yacht Slainte.jpg

After you google what “Slainte” means, or maybe how to pronounce it …’s time to STOCK UP ON SUPPLIES and make use of this yacht’s fully stocked galley. I always plan to make my own meals because I have so much fun doing it. A quick trip to Solomon’s grocery store for food stuff is easy when I use the grocery list I make on the plane. I pick things like fresh fruit, avocados and seafood. Prices here aren’t that much more than on the mainland - however certain things like crackers can run $5.05 a box which always surprises me.

Open Air Places Fresh Fruit.jpg

BAHAMA MAMA getting ingredients for my famous Bahama Mama cocktails is a must. Two different rums, orange juice and pineapple juice blend together for a velvety drink which I serve with a handful of ice cubes. I’ll write up my recipe and share it soon.

Open Air Places Orange Juice.jpg

10 MINUTES IS ALL YOU NEED to get to this heavenly spot. 8 miles of private beach, which the locals call Churchill Beach and is home to three Island restaurants, StephJETS Watersports, and a cluster of jewel toned cottages called Diamonds by the Sea. Sometimes I grab a breakfast sandwich from Arturo’s Pepper Pot, and have a breakfast picnic here. But really, you can’t go wrong walking here at any time of the day.

Open Air Places 8 miles of Private Beach.jpg

BEACH TREASURES for beachcombers are the occasional sea glass piece, small white shells the size of a thumbnail, or sun bleached coral pieces. I found this heart-shaped piece just in time for Valentines Day.

Open Air Places Beach Treasures.jpg

PACK YOUR SUNGLASSES or if you forgot them, don’t worry because you can always be inventive like Robinson Crusoe and pick up a sea grape leaf to shade your eyes.

Open Air Places Leaves on the Beach.jpg

ISLAND TIME nourishes my creative spirit. After a few days here making photographs and soaking up the sun, you’ll find me back in Wisconsin’s ninth largest city with sand still clinging to my hair. If you’ve traveled to the Bahamian Islands I’d love to know where your favorite spots are so I can check them out!


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I love serving the world by showcasing UNIQUE PLACES TO STAY, where artists can regenerate and be inspired.  This week is all about one of my favorite types of travel destinations….Island Time!

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