THE HARBOR HILL HOUSE: Bayfield Wisconsin's Finest Place to Stay

THE HARBOR HILL HOUSE: Bayfield Wisconsin's Finest Place to Stay

As I write this blog from the spacious porch of the HARBOR HILL HOUSE in Bayfield, Wisconsin the morning sun is turning Lake Superior into bed of shimmering diamonds.

The Madeline Island Ferry is making it’s morning crossing over to Madeline Island, and the air around me is scented with the sweet smell of the flowers hanging heavy in their baskets.

I feel lucky to be in this place, enjoying a cup of coffee with the splendor of nature surrounding me.

Nature's Studio at Little Sand Bay

Nature's Studio at Little Sand Bay

When I close my eyes and think about summertime, I conjure up warm afternoons on sparkling Lake Superior, complete with picnics, my camera and afternoons to while away. Bonus days include the promise of catching the sunset streaking across the sky of a hidden bay somewhere.

Since 2011 the community of Bayfield, Wisconsin has been a second home for me, and I really sharing with others how special this place is. Over the years I’ve perfected my list of hidden beaches on the mainland, and the Apostle Islands where I can find agates, or add to my collection of naturally occurring driftwood telescopes. Maybe someday I’ll publish my list, but for now, I just want to share one spot that never fails to inspire me.

Stunning Volcano Views & Endless Blue at Villas B'Alam Ya

Stunning Volcano Views & Endless Blue at Villas B'Alam Ya

Take the curving Pan-American highway north-west out of Antigua, Guatemala for about two hours, and you’ll reach Lake Atitlan.  Renowned as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world it is Central America’s deepest lake.  Ringed with magnificent volcano peaks, the lake bed is an enormous, breathtaking caldera. The volcanoes skirt down to the water, where lush greens transform into verdant coffee and avocado orchards.

Another Reason to Love Antigua: The PALO SANTO HOTEL

It’s no secret that my favorite place to stay in Antigua, Guatemala is the magnificent MESON PANZA VERDE Hotel which I love for its unique elegance and ambiance. Are you just catching up to me now? Check out this blog for my collection of 50 colorful reasons to fall in love with this gem-like place.

Today I am going to give you another reason to adore Antigua. Meson Panza Verde’s sister property The PALO SANTO Hotel.

Read on for the details!

Open Air Places Palo Santo Hotel Antigua 29.JPG


Located on the quiet end of Antigua’s famous Fifth Avenue, PALO SANTO is right next door to the magnificent MESON PANZA VERDE HOTEL & RESTAURANT where guests can enjoy breakfast in the morning.

5 spacious and finely appointed rooms are centered around a gorgeous courtyard garden (which was set up for a dinner party during my stay). The rooms are decorated with fresh colors, local treasures and Guatemala’s famous handwoven textiles which add their characteristic warmth and ambiance.

Perfectly suited for hosting groups, retreats and workshops, I love the Mayan Temeskal sauna, swimming pool & airy yoga Shala on the rooftop terrace, with views overlooking Volcan Agua.

Open Air Places Palo Santo Hotel Antigua 15.jpg

I think this place is so perfect that I’ve scheduled a 10-day Photography Retreat to happen here in September, with my friend and photographer Douglas Beasley. If you want to book a stay, or schedule your own retreat, workshop or event at this location I’d love to help you with a block of rooms!

You can browse images and booking details for the rooms at PALO SANTO by tapping the button below.


Founder & Lead Travel Ambassador for OPEN AIR PLACES.  

The culturally rich city of Antigua, Guatemala has so much to offer travelers, and I feel lucky to share some of my favorite places to stay in this beautiful city.

This week I’ll be post more about my favorite inspirations in Guatemala. You can follow along on Instagram at @openairplaces or we can be Friends on Facebook where I enjoy interacting with my tribe of travel and art lovers.



Captivated By The People & Places of Yunnan

Captivated By The People & Places of Yunnan

Hello Friend!

Last week I told someone that retreats are the BEST part of my life. I love taking them, I love planning them, and I especially love sharing why I think they are a must for creatives.

You may have seen my popular blog post “Top 10 Reasons Why Photo Retreats Enrich My Life” which is a illustrated list of why I keep signing up for photography retreats.

Today I am pleased to have the opportunity to elaborate on reason #4 on that list: Meeting Like-minded People.

Sparkling Shangri-La, Tibet

Sparkling Shangri-La, Tibet

I mentioned in my last blog that stepping into the old-town streets of Shangri-La is like stepping into a fairytale. 

Arriving at this magical city on a day with soaring blue skies, cool mountain breezes and bright sunshine, probably has something to do with defining that impression. The longer I stayed, the more I decided that Shangri-La is way more than special.

I found so much to inspire me during my stay. Read on for my highlights!