Gorgeous Grays and Islands in the Stream

It’s - 10 degrees today where I am, and my views outside are a palette of white and various shades of gray.

I know a few artists who do grays exceptionally well. My favorite is Joseph Zbukvic, known worldwide as a Master Artist, and who is famous for his use of grays in his watercolor paintings. He’s even collaborated with Daniel Smith to create three luscious grays which are lovely for studio and plein air painting.

 “I’m asked endlessly what grey I use..I actually make up my own using just about every colour on my palette….” 

– Joseph Zbukvic

Joseph Zbukvic painting using Joseph Z’s Warm Grey

Another artist who paints beautifully with grays is Winslow Homer, who created dazzling watercolors during his vacations to the Caribbean. I love his “Along the Road, Bahamas” painting.

Along the Road, Bahamas by Winslow Homer, 1885

Along the Road, Bahamas by Winslow Homer, 1885

Winslow is not the only artist to be captivated by the Caribbean. I have been too, along with several great writers like T.S. Eliot and especially Ernest Hemingway, whose depictions of Island life on Bimini in “Islands in the Stream” were a great inspiration for me.

Below is a collection of images I put together this week that convey all of my favorite things about the Bahamas (since that is where I am mentally today). It even features several more of Winslow’s gorgeous paintings.

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