7 Reasons Why Guatemala Should Be on Your List This Year

I’ve been thinking a lot about creative workshops these days. They are my absolute-favorite thing to do, which is why I’m so inspired to make these opportunities for others. I love pushing pause on the busy-ness of regular life to focus on creativity. For me, it’s also a moment to reset my life’s intentions.

My friend, the amazing photographer Douglas Beasley, is teaching a photography workshop in Guatemala, and I can’t wait for you to meet him. Doug is thoughtful about ways the sacred is expressed in everyday life and believes in working with each student to develop the connection between their emotional, spiritual, and creative life.

I know I’m not the only one who loves retreats, so I thought I’d let you hear from others who have spent time with Doug in Guatemala. Join us in September!



September 13-22, 2019

Image by Douglas Beasley

Image by Douglas Beasley

It was a life-changing week. I learned the difference between “taking” photos and “making” photos. When you take a photo, you steal the spirit. When you make a photo you share the spirit. Thanks again for the great teaching/mentoring. You’re the best. 
— Rev. Tracey, Patterson, NJ
It has been ten years (10 !!!) since attending your workshop in Guatemala. That was a life changing experience – both photographically and inter-personally as well. I’m still influenced by that journey and my photography has certainly evolved since then. Thank you!  
— Chuck, Bainbridge Island, WA
I came away with a better understanding of connecting with the people I photograph. I enjoyed being with you so much and the experience was awesome. Knowing your approach with people and sharing some of your philosophy meant so much to me.  
— Jinny, Sanford, NC
Thank you for the instruction, which challenged me. Thank you for the conversation, which enlightened me. Thank you for the friendship, which warmed me.
— Chad, Cedar, MN
I like the feeling of seeing life through the heart, and the camera becoming the tool by which you hold the images. It takes hard work and discipline, but I am grateful to have the opportunity to try. Meeting, observing, and working with Doug in Guatemala has provided me a big one. I believe life will give more. 
— Clelia, Genoa, Italy
Doug’s method was exactly what I needed.  I was searching to find my artistic view and hoped to get some direction in this class.  He enlightens the photographic path and makes it all seem like each frame is a purpose.  Each day he assigns small but thoughtful things to capture, sometimes challenging and sometimes so obvious yet I would have never thought of it. He is a wonderful teacher with good humor and sensitive compassion. 
— Janell, Minneapolis, MN
I’m back in NYC, but my heart’s in Guatemala. It was a wonderful experience on so many levels — educational, spiritual, social. 
— Leslie, New York, NY
Guatemala Triptych by Douglas Beasley

Guatemala Triptych by Douglas Beasley


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