HESTEKIN POTTERY: Lake Superior's South Shore Gem

21 green miles north west of Bayfield, along the gently curving hills of Highway 13, is the small community of Cornucopia, Wisconsin.  Historically a fishing village, this gem along the South Shore of sparkling Lake Superior is home to one of my favorite places to find inspiration during my stays in Bayfield – HESTEKIN POTTERY.

Hestekin Pottery Shop in Cornucopia, Wisconsin

Picture for a moment a small red cottage among a cluster of small colorful shops, just steps from the white sands of Siskiwit Bay where the sunsets are the best you can find in this area.  Step inside and see stacks of handmade porcelain and stoneware pottery, artfully arranged by color family – blues reminiscent of the effervescent northern lights that soar across our star-speckled skies, rusty iron reds like the famous red roads of Prince Edward Island, and Mr. Hestekin signature yellow salt glaze which is my absolute-and-forever personal favorite.

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the purveyor of the shop, Mr. Evan Hestekin at work atop his kick-wheel spinning out vases, mugs and platters while inviting you in to take a look at his wares which are all microwave and dishwasher safe.

Portrait of the Artist: Mr. Evan Hestekin at the Wheel

Eclectic original art hangs on the walls of the shop, and Mr. Hestekin’s fuchsia dahlias as big as saucers float in oversize bowls and tumble out of vases in a colorful riot of pure universe-love. When I see these blooms I think my heart bursts a little bit.

Evan’s signature dahlias float in hand-thrown bowls, atop oriental rugs at his Shop

For just $5 you can snag a sake cup (several of these tiny treasures belong in everyone’s cupboard) which come in all the colors of the rainbow and also double as small jewelry saucers.  I love the sense of mark-history on each piece when I spot the finger marks that the potter leaves on purpose.

Step through the rear entry of the shop to see the Siskiwit Bay marina where small sailboats are moored waiting in readiness for a sunset sail.

View from the stoop behind Hestekin Pottery

I have been collecting Hestekin Pottery for many years now and I happily think of Evan every morning when I enjoy my coffee out of one of his mugs.  You can also tell how much I admire his work because I included it in the photography I created for my debut cookbook, LUNCH BOUQUETS

It’s my pleasure to introduce him to you today! I hope you make sure to add this unique shop to your list when you enjoy your stays in Bayfield with Open Air Places.

You can reach Mr. Hestekin via any of the ways below:

SOCIAL Facebook // Instagram @hestekinpottery

PHONE 715-209-0137

CARRIER PIGEON in training, but coming soon!

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