Nature's Studio at Little Sand Bay

When I close my eyes and think about summertime, I conjure up warm afternoons on sparkling Lake Superior, complete with picnics, my camera and afternoons to while away. Bonus days include the promise of catching the sunset streaking across the sky of a hidden bay somewhere.

Since 2011 the community of Bayfield, Wisconsin has been a second home for me, and I really sharing with others how special this place is. Over the years I’ve perfected my list of hidden beaches on the mainland (and the Apostle Islands) where I can find agates, or add to my collection of naturally occurring driftwood telescopes.

Maybe someday I’ll publish my list, but for now, I just want to share one spot that never fails to inspire me.


Located just 12 miles north-west from Bayfield, Wisconsin, is Little Sand Bay in the town of Russell. Here you’ll find a small harbor with boat launch, picnic area and a campground all within sight of Sand and York Island. The soft sandy beaches here make it a great spot for swimming. My favorite beach-spot is on the far west side of Little Sand Bay, near where the Hokenson Brother’s Fishery building stood sentinel for many years.

The photos below are from an afternoon I spent at Little Sand Bay, playing in Nature’s studio!

Open Air Places Little Sand Bay 23-2.jpg


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Making time to seek quietness and beauty is a must for artists, and it’s easy to find both along the South Shore of Lake Superior. Are you looking for a unique place to stay during your visit to Bayfield? I have two offerings for you, the WRIGHT HOUSE and the HARBOR HILL HOUSE. Contact me for booking details!

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